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What to Expect

Our goal at the Family Birth Center is to provide quality care in a comfortable and safe environment. Our family-centered maternity care philosophy encourages the mother and baby to be together as much as possible. Your baby will stay with you in a private room. However, our baby nursery is available if baby or mom need to rest or require a medical procedure.

Birth Plan

​We encourage the expectant mother to talk to her physician about all aspects of labor and delivery, including medication and anesthesia options, natural childbirth methods, fetal monitoring during labor and positions for delivery. Detailed planning helps our clinical staff to honor personal wishes and reduces anxiety during delivery.

The birth plan should include who will be in the delivery room with you, who will cut the umbilical cord and if the newborn is to be given a bottle or pacifier. Share the written plan details with your nurse during the early part of labor to establish and clarify any requests for the birth team. 

Magic Hour

Immediately following delivery, Atrium Health Floyd provides a Magic Hour reserved for parents to exclusively connect with their newborn. This time is ideally used to promote baby and parent bonding. Visitors are discouraged from visiting during this special hour.

Research shows that early contact between mother and infant, especially during the first hour of life, promotes a healthy relationship. Our experienced clinical staff will help during this special time together. The nurse will dry the newborn and place the baby skin-to-skin on the mother's chest, allowing for the most intimate and tender contact between mother and child.

Private Room and Personal Items

After delivery, mother and baby will enjoy a private room. Our family-centered maternity care model encourages parents and their infant to stay together in their private room as much as possible.

Mothers are encouraged to bring items to make their hospital stay as comfortable as possible. While our center offers basics such as gowns, slippers and toiletries there are other items new mothers might want to pack. It is recommended to leave all valuables at home.

Baby Lounge

In place of a traditional nursery, our ​Family Birth Center has a Baby Lounge, which serves as a transition area for newborn babies for special care and procedures, such as circumcisions and when new mothers need to rest.

Newborn Pictures

Floyd works with Dimples Newborn Photography to capture and preserve your newborn's arrival. A photographer will visit each new mom and offer to photograph her newborn. If parents choose to have professional portraits of their baby, the photographer will take individual pictures of baby as well as photos of the baby with family members.​Learn more about Dimples Photography


Our Family Birth Center ensures safety with a state-of-the-art security system, which includes controlled-access points and security cameras in each of the nursing areas. All staff members wear a Floyd photo identification badge, as well as a purple badge with his or her title clearly displayed. After delivery, a nurse will place armbands on baby, mom and dad for identification. Each time the baby is brought to the mother, the nurse will check these bands to make sure they match. The baby will also have a special security sensor placed on him or her that will sound an alarm if taken too close to a doorway or elevator that leads outside the Family Birth Center.​


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