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​​​​​​​​​​​​What to Expect After Baby is Born

The time after your baby’s birth, called the postpartum period, is special. That’s why we keep mother and baby together from the start.

As part of our family-centered maternity care, after labor and delivery you move to a private mother-baby room to rest and bond with your newborn. Here, a trained postpartum nurse provides expert care for moms and babies in a comfortable, intimate setting.

Learn more about our Atrium Health Floyd Family Birth Center ​rooms, facility, amenities and care team.

What to Expect

At Atrium Health Floyd Medical Center, you can expect​ excellent care and services throughout your recovery.

Rooming In With Baby

The more time you spend with your new baby, the faster you will develop a special bond. Whenever possible, we encourage couplet care, or rooming-in.

With rooming-in, you and baby stay together and get to know each other while learning breastfeeding, bathing, diapering and more. Having a nurse who only cares for moms and babies means you get personalized, focused attention when you need it most.

Our Baby Lounge, or nursery, is available for procedures and pediatrician visits, and is a safe place for baby to stay if you need rest .


If you choose to breastfeed, we help you succeed. Our nurses are trained in breastfeeding, and a certified lactation consultant will also visit for advice and support.

We offer a wide variety of breastfeeding services​ and will schedule an outpatient lactation consult after you return home if needed.

Cesarean Delivery Care

Whether a surgical delivery is planned or happens unexpectedly, you are in good hands at Floyd. Following a C-section delivery, mothers will spend some time in a labor room to be monitored during recovery. Our C-section procedures promote quicker recovery, making sure moms are alert sooner so they can bond with their baby.​

After your initial recovery from your C-section​​—generally about two hours—you will go to your private mother-baby room. Your nurse will help you breastfeed and hold the baby comfortably.

Visitors After Delivery

You likely can’t wait to introduce your new addition to siblings, grandparents and other family and friends. For both mother and baby’s health and safety, we ask that you limit visitors to three at a time and honor quiet time during the following times: 

  • Between 2 and 4 p.m.
  • After 9 p.m.

If you don’t want visitors for any reason, just let your nurse know and we will ensure your privacy. Learn more about visiting our birth center.

Newborn Screening Tests

We complete important newborn screenings before discharge:

  • Newborn metabolic screening—required by Georgia law, screens for more than 30 metabolic disorders using a small blood sample taken from the baby's foot
  • Newborn hearing screening—identifies hearing problems for early treatment if needed
  • Newborn pulse oximetry test—measures the amount of oxygen in the blood to identify critical congenital heart disease (CCHD), which is more treatable when detected early

Newborn Circumcision

If you desire, a doctor will perform circumcision before baby is discharged. During the procedure, your baby will be given local anesthesia for pain. Your nurse will teach you how to care for the circumcision, which should heal within a week to 10 days.

Postpartum Depression Screening

While much of the care mother and baby need following birth is physical, we’re also here to ensure that you’re doing well emotionally and mentally.

If needed, we can refer you to a ​ behavioral health specialist​ for personalized follow-up care.

Newborn Photography Services

These special first moments with your newborn are memories that will last a lifetime. Capture this time with a professional, no-obligation photo session in the privacy of your hospital room. Learn more about newborn photography options.​​

Before You Go Home

You’re excited to get home and start your new life together as a family. Before you go, we will help you with some important items, such as:

  • Birth certificate and social security card: Fill out the worksheet included in your admission folder and give it to your nurse. You should receive your baby’s birth certificate eight to 10 weeks after birth, and the social security card about 12 to 16 weeks after birth.
  • Follow-up care: You will schedule a follow-up visit with your OB/GYN about six to eight weeks after delivery and your baby’s pediatrician within a few days. You may also schedule a follow-up outpatient visit with a lactation consultant.
  • ​Discharge to home: Once you’re cleared to go, we get you on the way as fast as possible. As you prepare to go home, we will help you ensure your baby is securely fastened in an appropriately sized car seat.

Atrium Health Floyd is Here for Your Family

When you have a baby at Atrium Health Floyd Medical Center, the care doesn’t stop after you leave the hospital. We’re here to help your entire family stay healthy. We offer:


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Find a Pediatrician

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