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​​Donor Breast Milk Program

Atrium Health Floyd Medical Center's NICU participates in a donor breast milk program. The program provides a safe supply of breast milk to very low birth weight or high-risk infants when a mother is not able to provide enough milk.

Our milk is provided by the Wake Med Mother's Milk Bank and Lactation Center. It is one of only 11 milk banks in the United States and is a member of the Human Milk Banking Association of North America.

Donor milk is ordered by a physician only after consent from the mother.


  • Improves the survival of premature infants 
  • Decreases the incidence of necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) 
  • Improves neurodevelopmental outcomes 
  • Decreases the occurrence of infection 

Safety Measures

  • All donors are screened for HIV, Hepatitis B and C, syphilis and HTLV. 
  • Donors must live a healthy lifestyle and are nonsmokers who take no medications regularly. 
  • The milk is pasteurized (at a high heat of 62 degrees Celsius) to kill any viruses and bacteria.

Become a Breast Milk Donor 

If you are interested in becoming a milk donor and can supply a minimum of 200 ounces of milk within a six-month period, contact the WakeMed Mothers' Milk Bank at 919-350-​8599.