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Melissa McEver Wins Floyd DAISY Award
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Melissa McEver Wins Floyd DAISY Award


Melissa McEver, RN, earned the third quarter DAISY Award at Floyd Medical Center for going the extra mile to take care of a patient's needs.

McEver came in on her day off to help a patient who was running short of clothing. On several occasions she took his clothes home with her and washed them. McEver also purchased some shorts and shirts for the man.

“I'm not the only one," McEver said. “Almost every nurse on the floor has done little things for this man."

McEver was among 57 nominees for the DAISY award. The winner was announced during a recent ceremony in the hospital cafeteria. McEver said making a difference in people's lives is a big reason why she loves being a nurse.

Sheila Bennett, Executive Vice President and Chief of Patient Services at Floyd, stressed that the award is given to nurses who have been nominated by their peers and by patients and their families.

“So to be nominated by that group is truly an honor," Bennett said. “Melissa is a wonderful example of what it means to be a nurse."

DAISY is an award recognized internationally. It was established by the family of Patrick Barnes after he died from an auto-immune disease while being treated in a Seattle hospital. His family was thankful for the care he received and created the award to thank bedside nurses for the job they do.

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