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Let's take this journey together! It will be different than any other weight loss journey you have experienced. Our program's number one asset is not our advanced technology or robust nutrition program, it is our people. We are here to walk your unique journey with you into a brighter future. Come to know the feeling of confidence.

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Be informed about options and expectations. We offer the education you need to understand each step of the bariatric surgery process.

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Quality care matters. We are a center of excellence with outstanding outcomes and built to help you succeed at weight loss.

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Staying committed to a healthy lifestyle is easier with support. We offer post-surgery appointments and online support groups.

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We believe in you and want to help you succeed in losing weight and keeping it off. Our goal is to help you achieve the better health you deserve.
Our Patient Navigator is here to guide you through the process. From education to post-surgery questions, our support never stops.

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Jennie Redmond Testimonial
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I’ve been overweight my entire life. I started gaining weight in third grade. I've tried every imaginable diet. I would lose about 60 pounds and gain it back. I tried out for “The Biggest Loser” and didn’t make it.

Jennie Redmond

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Adam Grant Testimonial
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My mother was on dialysis for five years. She had kidney disease and needed a new kidney. I was not a candidate to donate a kidney to her because of my high body mass index (BMI).

Adam Grant

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Rita Talley Testimonial
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I had high cholesterol, osteoarthritis and was at the point of having knee replacement surgery. I just wanted to be healthier.

Rita Talley

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Meet Amanda

You might know someone like Amanda. Watch as we explain how her weight has increased, leading to health conditions that threaten her life. We explain how nonsurgical weight loss options are not the right tools to help Amanda get back to her healthy life.

Rita's Weight Loss Story

I had high cholesterol. I had osteoarthritis. I had a real hard time getting around. I was to the point of having knee replacement surgery. I just wanted to be healthier. I didn’t realize at the time that losing weight would make such a difference.

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