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Vitamin and Mineral Supplements Important After Weight Loss Surgery

05.28.2021 ​Weight loss surgery changes the way your body absorbs food and nutrients. To help your body maintain optimal health, it's essential that you take the recommended vitamins and mineral supplements for life. When you ha...
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8 Exercise Tips When the Weather Doesn't Cooperate

02.23.2021 ​Bad weather is often used as an excuse for not exercising, but you shouldn't let that derail your workout plans.Even with a gym membership where you can exercise indoors where it's warm, that doesn't m...
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Making the Best Food Choices When Eating Out

02.12.2021 ​You've made it through surgery and the first two or three stages of your post-surgery eating plan. Now you are ready to try takeout from your favorite restaurant or perhaps even eating at a restaurant while observing...
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8 Tips for Managing the Holidays After Weight Loss Surgery

12.16.2020 ​During the holidays, we are surrounded by so much extra – and delicious – food. And it's not like it's just one holiday. It's been Thanksgiving, and soon Christmas and New Year's Day and then Valentine's Day – specia...
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​10 Tips to Conquer Feeling Self Conscious at the Gym​

12.11.2020 ​You've taken a big step toward living a healthier life by having weight loss surgery, and now you've decided it's time to join a gym. But you are self-conscious and worried that everyone will be looking at you and wo...
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