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ICU Nurse Receives DAISY Award for Outstanding Care
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ICU Nurse Receives DAISY Award for Outstanding Care


Lindsey Allen, a registered nurse in Floyd’s Intensive Care Unit, received the DAISY award Thursday for the second quarter of 2018. The award pays tribute to outstanding bedside care provided by nurses. 

Allen, who has worked at Floyd since May 2017, was nominated by fellow registered nurse Celeste Weaver.

“On Wednesday, June 6, 2018, we had a patient on comfort care who had served and retired from the Marine Corps,” Weaver wrote in a form nominating Allen.  “The nurse was so compassionate and wanted to do something special for him and the family before he was deceased. So, the nurse contacted the recruitment center and a uniformed officer came to honor him and his family for their service. As a member of a family who has served in many branches, I am overwhelmed at the nurse’s dedication to our veterans.”

Allen was touched by the award. Her family surprised her by attending the ceremony held in the hospital cafeteria.

“This is an honor. It’s very close to my heart and I am very grateful,” Allen said. “The family I came in contact with while I cared for the patient, they touched my heart as well. I believe this is something the family and I are going to remember forever.”

DAISY, or diseases attacking the immune system, is an award recognized internationally. It was established by the family of Patrick Barnes after he died from an auto-immune disease while being treated in a Seattle hospital. His family was thankful for the care he received and created the award to thank nurses for the job they do.

Below is the complete list of nominees:

Kayla  Agan
Lindsey  Allen
Teri  Anderson  
Shawna  Bailey
Stacey  Beard
Emma  Betz
Heather  Braden
Whitney  Brannon
Logan  Brookshire
Joseph  Bryant
Jennifer  Carter
Debbie  Chastain
Linda  Clough
Abby  Cothran
Chuck  Cox
Jasmine  Dallas
Jessica  Dillard
Tweety  Duong  
Whitney  Ebel  
Brittany  Fowler
Leah  Galehouse
Jamie  Gault  
Colleen  Gossett
Amanda  Hall
Devyn  Hass
Megan  Hight
Carla  Hilburn
Deborah  Holcomb
Susan  House  
Daniella Huggins  
Ansley  Hughes
Laurie  Hughes
Jill  Pic
Chris  Kirby
 Kristi  Bray
Brittany  Letner    
Andy  Mathis
Halyn  McCarty
Gina  McGuire
Tiffany  McGuire  
Jordan  McPherson
Crystal  Meyers
Valerie  Miller  
Cynthia  Mills
J'May  Motes
Rhiannon  Nicholson  
April  Oliver
Shelley  O'Neal
Christa  Page
Ginger  Parker
Nicholas  Phillips  
Joncie  Prewett
Cheryl  Roe
Brandon  Rucker
Leize  Shirah
Heather  Shore
Amanda  Smith
Myra  Steely
Katie  Swafford
Tashina  Coffey
Melissa Thibaudeau
Brandi  Thompson
Heather  Tucker
Misty  Turner
Johnny  Walker
Jacy  Wentz
Zach  Whitener
Tara  Williams  
Erica  Wingate
Deborah  Winn
Katie  Woodman