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Floyd Nurse Recognized for Compassionate Care
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Floyd Nurse Recognized for Compassionate Care


Jamie Gault’s desire to go above and beyond what is expected earned him the DAISY Award at Floyd for the fourth quarter.

Gault, a licensed practical nurse, has been working at Floyd for 13 years. He won the DAISY Award for his care of a female bariatric patient who was touched by his dedica-tion.

The DAISY Award is recognized internationally. It was established by the family of Pat-rick Barnes after he died from an auto-immune disease while being treated in a Seattle hospital. His family was thankful for the care he received and created the award to thank bedside nurses for the job they do.

“I love him for his caring touch,” the patient said of Gault on the nomination form. “He continued to tell me how proud he was of me and that kept me going. On the night of my surgery we did not know the cafeteria closed at 6 p.m. My daughter could not get any food and did not have a car to leave. I asked him about the possibility of getting her some food and he showed up about 15 minutes later with food for her.”

Gault also came in on his day off when the patient and two others were discharged. “I do what I do because I love my job,” he said after receiving the award.

“That is dedication to me,” the patient wrote. “I am so blessed that he was my nurse and not only took excellent care of me but also my family, making sure they had what they needed.”

The following is a list of all the nominees:

Kayla Agan
Brooke Allen
Lindsey Allen
Lara Babb
J'May Beam
Stacy Beard
Anna Bowman
Kristi Bray
Heather Bridges
Taylor Burk
Jennifer Carter
Jamie Cook
Hayden Cordell
Diana Escutia
Hannah Fennell
Katrina Freeman
Jamie Gault
Emily George
Tony Hall
Gay Hamby
Carla Hilburn
Lindsay Hill
Reba Lackey
Mindi Lane
Jenna Little
Halyn McCarty
Gina Mcguire
Crystal Meyers
Haley Monteith
Ginger Parker
Jill Pic
Tammie Pope
Brandon Rucker
Jamie Schmidt
Karen Schuttinga
Allison Shaw
Juliana Spears
Michelle Stamper
Lynn Stuart
Melissa Thibaudeau
Brandi Thompson
Johnny Walker
Tracy Williams
Tammy Young​