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​Surgery Day

Use the lists below to help prepare for surgery. Plan to arrive early with the recommended items and be sure to read the preoperative instructions (PDF) to know what to expect the day of surgery.    

Patients should check-in on the day of surgery, even if they have completed the preregistration process. Depending on the surgery location, check in at the registration desk located at:

  • Outpatient Surgery Center on the first floor of 330 Physicians Center, adjacent to Floyd Medical Center
  • Inpatient Surgery Check-in Desk located on the main floor of Floyd Medical Center

Items to Bring the Day of Surgery

  • Physician orders, instructions or consent forms provided by the surgeon if they were not brought to the Preoperative Evaluation Center (PEC)
  • Comfortable clothing that can accommodate bulky dressings or necessary splints
  • A copy of the patient's Living Will or Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care; download an Advance Directive packet containing these ite​ms 
  • A case or container for glasses or contact lenses
  • Remote to an implantable device
  • Personal items, robe, slippers and pajamas, if the patient will be admitted to the hospital after surgery
  • CPAP machine if the patient has sleep apnea and will be admitted to the hospital after surgery
  • Oxygen tank from home, even if used only at night, if the patient will be admitted to the hospital after surgery 

Medication Instructions

Prior to surgery:

  • Review the customized medication instructions given by PEC staff durin​g the preoperative evaluation.
  • Unless otherwise directed, do not take insulin or other blood-glucose lowering drugs the morning of surgery. Blood sugar levels will be checked and medication administered, if needed.
  • Patients should tell the surgeon and anesthesiologist if they take a blood thinner or medicine that will thin blood, including Coumadin, Plavix, aspirin, Advil, BC or Goody's powders or herbal/vitamin supplements.
  • Do not stop prescribed blood thinners without first talking to the PEC staff or the surgeon.

What NOT To Do the Day of Surgery

  • The night before surgery, do not eat food of any kind for eight hours prior to the scheduled arrival time at the hospital. Unless otherwise stated on the hospital preop instructions, patients can drink clear liquids with calories including Gatorade/Powerade, apple juice, Sprite or Coke, and black coffee (without creamer) up to two hours prior to their arrival at the hospital.
  • Do not drink orange juice, milk or coffee creamer.
  • Smoking tobacco causes breathing and heart problems under anesthesia, and can prevent a surgical wound from healing properly. Quit smoking for as long as possible before and after surgery, and do not smoke the day of surgery. A primary care doctor can assist with nicotine replacement therapy on request.
  • Do not wear makeup, nail polish or hair items such as barrettes, hairpieces or bobby pins.
  • Do not bring valuables such as jewelry, money or credit cards.
  • Do not wear any jewelry.


For more information, call the Preoperative Evaluation Center at 706.509.6439 or email us.