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​​​​​​​Perioperative Care

Patients who ​have surgery at Atrium Health Floyd Medical Center or Atrium Health Floyd Outpatient Surgery will be cared for by Atrium Health Floyd Medical Center Perioperative Care prior to surgery. Our team is dedicated to creating the best possible surgical outcomes.

The team includes an anesthesiologist and nurse practitioners. This team works with surgeons to create quality care procedures before, during and after surgery for each patient.

Patients receive a call from the our preoperative team before surgery. Our staff will help patients complete their surgery preregistration and will perform a complete preoperative evaluation with a physical exam and any tests that might be needed.

Atrium Health Floyd Medical Center Perioperative Care will also work with specialists for referrals, medication management and financial counseling when needed.​

​​Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What does Atrium Health Floyd Medical Center Perioperative Care do?​
    Atrium Health Floyd Medical Center Perioperative Care evaluates medical issues in detail. The risks of the anesthetic and surgery are carefully considered and discussed. Atrium Health Floyd Medical Center Perioperative Care applies best practices in surgery care for specific diseases and offers help to quit tobacco use, manage Type 2 diabetes and establish healthy nutrition before surgery.

  2. Are all patients seen in person?
    While every patient scheduled for surgery is receives a phone call and must answer health questions, those in good health may be able to complete the hospital preregistration and presurgical nursing evaluation by phone. Patients with special medical issues may need to be seen by our health care providers. Others may only need a short visit for testing.

  3. Who makes the appointment?
    Staff members completing the phone screening will schedule an appointment if the patient's answers to the health questionnaire indicate a need for an office visit.

  4. When should a patient be seen by Atrium Health Floyd Medical Center Perioperative Care
    Ideally, patients are seen as early as a month before a scheduled procedure. This allows time for diagnostic testing, medication management and consultations with a specialist. When the need for surgery is urgent, all necessary tests, medical records and medication management are completed with patient safety, quality and best possible outcomes in mind. 

  5. Do you review outside medical records?
    Yes. Our staff will gather and review medical records from a patient's primary care physician, specialists, any recent hospital admissions or prior surgeries. Patients will be asked to fill out and sign an intake form to release these medical records. The phone number listed on that form will be used to contact the patient by our staff.

  6. What happens at an appointment?
    The services received at an appointment ​​depend on the complexity of surgery and a patient's medical history. The average length of a comprehensive appointment is 1-1/2 hours and may include hospital preregistration, a complete preoperative evaluation with a physical exam, blood draw and EKG, scheduling of diagnostic tests, coordination with specialists including referrals, medication management and counseling, surgery education and financial counseling, if needed.

  7. Who is evaluating patients?
     Atrium Health Floyd Medical Center Perioperative Care is directed by an on-site anesthesiologist and is staffed with three nurse practitioners trained in perioperative medicine. These providers review all medical records and test results, complete a physical exam and coordinate with other involved physicians. Our staff members complete presurgical​​ medical evaluations​ and provide counseling and education.

  8. Does Atrium Health Floyd Medical Center Perioperative Care provide preoperative clearance>
    Yes. Since our evaluation is the same thing as a "preoperative clearance," most patients do not require additional physician appointments. If primary care or specialist consultation is needed, our staff will arrange it.


For more information, call ​Atrium Health Floyd Medical Center Perioperative Care at​ 706-509-6439.​