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​Preparing for Surgery

Our preregistration process enables patients to register, discuss finances, and schedule or complete all presurgery tests before arriving for surgery.

This process begins with the Preoperative Evaluation Center (PEC). Once surgery is scheduled, a PEC staff member will contact the patient to ask general health questions. The patient may be asked to schedule an appointment for a preoperative evaluation to ensure a safe and healthy surgery experience.

If an appointment at the PEC is required, this will be separate from the presurgery appointment with the surgeon.

What to Expect During the Preoperative Evaluation

  • Completion of hospital preregistration
  • Review of the patient's specific medical history, medical issues and needs
  • Physical exam
  • Completion of any lab tests, EKG and other medical tests
  • Instructions for the day of surgery, including what to do with medications
  • Discussion of the procedure and aftercare
  • Time to ask questions

Items to Bring to the Preoperative Evaluation

  • Physician's order and consent forms, if not already provided
  • Proof of insurance
  • Photo identification
  • Wallet card for heart stents or pacemakers, or other implanted devices
  • All medications in their original containers
  • Medical history, including family medical history

Surgery Locations

Surgery will take place at one of two locations:


Floyd Medical Center
304 Turner McCall Blvd.
Rome, GA 30165
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Floyd Outpat​​ient Surgery Center
330 Turner McCall Blvd SW
Rome, GA 30165​
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​ ​

Patients requiring hospitalization after surgery will recuperate on one of Floyd Medical Center's modern, dedicated surgical specialty nursing units.


For more information, call the Preoperative Evaluation Center at 706.509.6439 or email us.