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BMI over 35 with obesity health conditions qualifies for bariatric surgery.View Surgery Qualifications

​​​​​Patient Stories​​​​

You are not alone in your struggle with weight loss. These patients also struggled until they made the decision to have weight loss surgery. Read their success stories and how they are now living a happier, healthier life.

Teresa McAlister


​"My feet, knees, back, hips – everything hurt all the time. My main focus was just going to work, sitting at my desk all day, coming home and sitting in my chair the rest of the evening." Rea​d Teresa's Story 

Weight Lost: 119 lbs.

Comorbidity Resolutions: Lowered high cholesterol

Surgery Type: Sleeve Gastrectomy

Rita Talley


"I had high cholesterol. I had osteoarthritis. I had a real hard time getting around. I was to the point of having knee replacement surgery. I just wanted to be healthier. I didn’t realize at the time that losing weight would make such a difference." Read Rita's Story  

Weight Lost: 124 lbs.

Comorbidity Resolutions: Resolved high blood pressure, obstructive sleep apnea, venous stasis disease, GERD, lower back pain; improved lipid levels and degenerative disk disease; discontinued seven out of 10 medications

Surgery Type: Gastric Bypass


Adam Grant


"I’ve always wanted to be healthy for my family and for my future. Albert Einstein said, 'A life worth living is one that’s lived for others,' so that’s something that I live by. My mother was on dialysis for five years. She had kidney disease and needed a new kidney. I was not a candidate to donate a kidney to her because of my high body mass index (BMI).​​" Read Adam's Story

Weight Lost: 168 lbs.

Comorbidity Resolutions: No comorbidities but became eligible to be a kidney donor

Surgery Type: Gastric Bypass

Bobby Robinson


​"I didn’t like what I had become. I would look in the mirror and think 'Boy, you look just terrible.' I would get up some mornings and say, 'I don’t feel like getting up.' I just wanted to stay in bed or get in my chair and do nothing. It was just tough to carry that much weight around ​all the time. If I did any kind of exercise or play any sports, my back would just kill me the next day. I was just miserable." Read Bobby's Story

Weight Lost: 98 lbs.

Comorbidity Resolutions: Resolved Type 2 diabetes and lipids; discontinued three medications

Surgery Type: Gastric Bypass

Kim Livingston


"I’ve had a weight issue my entire life. But I didn’t want to do weight loss surgery. I wanted to lose it on my own. I’ve tried just about every diet out there. It would work for the short term, and I would lose weight. But then I would hit a plateau, and I would get stuck there." Read Kim's Story

Weight Lost: 185 lbs.

Comorbidity Resolutions: Blood pressure improved; medications cut in half

Surgery Type: Sleeve Gastrectomy

David Spivey​

"I took an online survey that tells you your life expectancy. It said I would be dead by 51. I was in my early 30s. Then, when my primary care physician said I was on the verge of developing Type 2 diabetes and other serious health issues within a year, I realized it was time to take action." Read David's Story

Weight Lost: 116 lbs.

Comorbidity Resolutions: 83% excess weight lost and resolved obstructive sleep apnea, lipids and GERD

Surgery Type: Adjustable Gastric Band

Marsha Smith


"I had gotten to a point where I was in trouble health-wise. I could hardly walk, and my legs and back were giving me fits. There were times I could barely make it through the grocery store. It had just gotten that bad. My doctor had sent me to a heart specialist to see if he could help me. I had already gone to another doctor about my back and legs. All of them said, 'It’s your weight'.” Read Marsha's Story

Weight Lost: 170 lbs.

Comorbidity Resolutions: Resolved sleep apnea, blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes

Surgery Type: Gastric Bypass

​​Jennie ​Redmond


​"I’ve been overweight my entire life. I started gaining weight when I was in the third grade, and I tried every imaginable diet. I would lose about 60 pounds, and I would gain it back. I tried out for The Biggest Loser and didn’t make it. I decided, that with the help of my supportive family, I was going to have the surgery."​  Read Jennie's Story

Weight Lost: 180 lbs.

Comorbidity Resolutions: High blood pressure resolved; no medication needed

Surgery Type: Gastric Bypass