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Cardiac Rehabilitation

After a cardiac event such as a heart attack, the thought of resuming normal activities and exercise can be distressing. 

At Floyd, our team of experts will guide and monitor you throughout the recovery and rehabilitation process. We will develop a personalized plan to help you safely return to normal activities. 

Cardiac rehabilitation is managed by our Cardiology team. Patients receive the expertise of specialized care by cardiologists with the convenience of our comprehensive therapeutic services for optimal recovery. 

Improved Recovery for Cardiac Patients

It's important that anyone who has experienced a heart event gradually and carefully increases their level of exertion as they recover. 

Our team of cardiologists, nurses and physical therapists will develop a personalized plan and then closely monitor activities throughout recovery to make sure patients are making progress at the appropriate pace.

  • We start by evaluating your fitness level and establishing wellness goals. 
  • From there, we help you to exercise safely as our team monitors your activity using noninvasive telemetry (external monitoring) to ensure optimal health and comfort. 
  • As you recover, we increase the intensity of exercise until you are able to return to your normal lifestyle and regular activities.

​Personalizing Cardiac Rehabilitation

Since our goal is to get you feeling comfortable and confident in your normal daily activities, we work closely with you and your family to create a personalized plan to meet your needs. 

We help you learn how:

  • to monitor your own progress
  • to eat healthier 
  • to take care of your heart

Our cardiac rehabilitation experts work closely with patients every step of the way to keep them safe and ​healthy.

Cardiac Rehabilitation at Polk Medical Center

Our cardiac rehabilitation services are provided in the Medical Office Buildling at Polk Medical Center. For more information or to learn more about our rehabilitation services after a cardiac event, contact our team.​​

Cardiac Rehabilitation

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