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​​​​​​​​​​Grief Support

Heyman HospiceCare at Floyd provides sensitive, informed support for anyone who is experiencing loss and grief. Bereavement care is care is typically offered to families soon after the death of their loved one and is also available earlier to help families cope with their upcoming loss.

The grief​ support team at Heyman HospiceCare ​offers:

Call our office at 706.509.3200 to learn how w​e can help you. ​

We also offer referrals and consultations for additional counseling when needed.

Grief Services Available​

  • Individual counseling support
  • Spiritual support
  • Child/adolescent grief support and information
  • Age-appropriate grief literature

Coping With ​Grief

Patsy Wade, Bereavement Coordinator with Heyman HospiceCare, shares that grieving after the loss of a loved one is unique and that there are some things that can help you through your grief journey, including how to take care of yourself​ and the the importance of talking about your feelings with ​someone you trust.​


Spiritual Services

Dealing with a terminal illness can cause a spiritual crisis and bring up concerns that will require spiritual care. Our chaplain reaches across denominational lines and will be respectful of your beliefs.

The ministry emphasis of the chaplain is that of compassion and mercy. In pastoral counseling, the chaplain exercises the strictest confidentiality. The chaplain can administer sacraments such as baptism and communion. He can also conduct funerals and weddings upon request. The chaplain will also be available through the grieving process for our patients' caregivers and families.

Chaplain services of Heyman HospiceCare at Floyd add another layer of emotional support for patients, their caregivers and their extended families.​

Grief During Holidays

Listen as Patsy Wade, Bereavement Coordinator for Heyman HospiceCare, discusses how to cope with grief and loss during holidays​.



For more information about Heyman HospiceCare at Floyd, including questions about referrals and services provided, call 706.509.3200 or 800.324.1078.​