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​​​​​Learn the Signs of a Heart Attack

​​Learning the signs of a heart attack can help you save a life, possibly your own. Atrium Health Floyd offers education on Early Heart Attack Care (EHAC) to help you recognize the signs and symptoms of a heart attack. They are not the same for everyone.

When a heart attack occurs, 85 percent of the damage to the heart happens in the first two hours. That's why it's important to call 911 immediately.

A person having a heart attack may not always experience pain or pressure in the chest. You should be alert for the following:

  • A sharp pain that occurs with coughing or breathing
  • Pain that spreads above the jawbone or into the lower body
  • Difficult or labored breathing

Become EHAC ready by taking a taking a free, short, online course. Our staff of heart care professionals also offer free EHAC classes to the community.

If you are experiencing chest pain, you may be having a heart attack. Call 911.