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​​​​​​Onsite Clinics

Atrium Health Floyd Corporate Health can develop a health clinic inside an organization’s workplace, enabling employees to see care without taking time away from work. Onsite clinics often make economic sense for large organizations or companies that experience frequent workplace injuries.

An organization’s onsite nurse can:

  • Treat a variety of work injuries, reducing the need for expensive visits to the Emergency Care Center or urgent care.
  • Build trust with employees, increasing the likelihood that employees will come to work when they are not feeling 100 percent.
  • Dispense effective but less expensive, over-the-counter medications, helping control pharmacy costs.
  • Be seen as a health care benefit by employees, helping reduce turnover.

The following health care programs are available:

  • Occupational health: Treatment of work-related injuries, employment physicals, drug screens and compliance with federal workplace safety regulations such as the OSHA 300 log and the OSHA hearing conservation program.
  • Acute care: Ranging from low-acuity episodic care, such as sore throats and sprains, to treatment of more severe symptoms requiring urgent attention such as exacerbations of chronic conditions.
  • Preventative care: Physical exams, immunizations and screenings
  • Wellness: Health risk assessment follow up, biometric screenings, health coaching, lifestyle management programs and educational programs.
  • Disease management: Ongoing care and management of chronic conditions, such as high blood pressure or diabetes.
  • Safety education: Proper lifting techniques and body mechanics, CPR/first-aid training, OSHA required blood borne pathogens training and hepatitis B vaccinations.

Benefits to Employer

  • All medications and supplies have no mark-up.
  • Floyd will equip your clinic at no cost to the organization.
  • Floyd nurses have received special training in Occupational Health, have years of “in the plant” experience ​and can help tailor your organization’s onsite clinic program to meet specific needs.
  • Fewer sick days
  • Increased productivity
  • Greater employee loyalty and retention
  • Strong return on investment


Learn ​more about how an onsite clinic can help y​our company. Contact us at ​​706-509-​3470 or by email​​.