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​​Three Phases of Treatment

The pulmonary rehabilitation program at Floyd is generally a three-phase treatment process. 

Phase I: This begins while you are in the hospital. A pulmonary rehabilitation staff member will be part of your in-hospital care team. This team member will teach you and your family about your condition, your heart and how to make the best food choices. Phase I may also include light exercise and walking.

Phase II: This is a 10 to 12 week outpatient therapy program. At the beginning of the program, you will be asked to complete a six-minute walk test. This test provides a starting point to determine your beginning exercise prescription.

Patients attend rehabilitation two days each week. During rehabilitation sessions, your heart rate and oxygen saturation (O2 sat) will be monitored with telemetry (real-time monitoring) while you exercise.

At your last therapy session, you will have another walk test. This test will measure your improvement. In addition, a staff member will give your post-rehabilitation exercise recommendations.

Phase III: This is a voluntary lung health maintenance program. It is not covered by insurance. Phase III is designed to help you become more independent and responsible for your own exercise ​program. It offers moderate monitoring and help from medical professionals.

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