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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Screening and Assessment Services

A free and confidential screening is an important first step in determining just what level of care you or your adult family member may need. Following an in-depth screening​ and depending on individual needs, each patient will receive three referrals to community services or a Floyd Behavioral Health program. The goal of the screening ​is to best determine the appropriate level of treatment for improved health, for either ther​apy, outpatient or inp​atient services. Every plan is personalized for improved health – because every journey is different – and the Floyd tea​m​ is here to help.

Adult Mental Health and Substance Abuse Program

Many adults ages 18 and older with mental illness may also have problems with substance abuse and chemical dependency. Adults who have mental illness, substance abuse problems or both, called dual diagnosis, often benefit from the treatment, structure and support Floyd Behavioral Health's adult program provides.

Understanding Substance Abuse

Substance abuse is a recognized medical brain disorder. It refers to the abuse of illegal or legal substances, such as drugs or alcohol. Substance abuse causes serious problems at work, school and in relationships. Individuals who are addicted can't simply stop using, and treatment for their addiction is serious and complex. Our skilled, experienced professionals use their clinical expertise to help lead patients toward recovery using the appropriate treatments.  

Learning to Live a Healthier Life

Our partial hospitalization program allows patients to return home every evening as they begin to recover and learn to live a healthier life. Our counselors also help family members understand how they can support their loved one.

In addition, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) ​support group meetings are held on Wednesday evenings at the Floyd Behavioral Health Center.

For More Information

For more information about our Adult Mental Health and Substance Abuse Program or other adult programs through Floyd Behavioral Health, call 706.509.3500.