Clinical Breast Exam

Clinical Breast Exam


At The Breast Center, we encourage you to schedule a clinical breast exam (CBE) with one of our breast health specialists, in addition to your annual mammogram appointment. Our specially trained physicians and nurse practitioners will examine your breasts for irregularities, assisting in the early detection of breast cancer.  

The American Cancer Society and National Cancer Institute recommends that women age 20 to 40 receive a clinical breast exam every one to three years. After age 40, clinical breast exams are recommended yearly.

CBE Facts

  • A clinical breast exam is an important complement to mammography in the earlier detection of breast cancer.
  • Mammography alone is 85 percent accurate.
  • A CBE identifies some cancers undetected by mammography.
  • A CBE is an important screening tool for women for whom mammography is not recommended.
  • A CBE and self breast exam are important for early breast cancer detection and should be performed along with mammography.
  • Together, all three of these methods (mammography, clinical breast exam and self breast exam) provide complete breast cancer screening.


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