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​​​​​​3D Mammograms​

Atrium Health Floyd offers 3D mammograms in multiple locations including The Breast Center, Polk Medical Center and on its Mobile Mammography Coach. 

Providing detailed, layer-by-layer images of breast tissue, 3D mammograms allow for better detection ​of breast cancer in women with dense breast tissue. ​For these women, a more accurate diagnosis could open the door to earlier treatment options.

Three-dimensional mammography takes multiple images of breast tissue from many different angles with the X-ray equipment moving in an arc across the breast. These images are combined to create 3D images. Adding this third dimension gives radiologists the opportunity to see cancers that hide behind dense breast tissue and to give them a better view of all breast tissue.

This technology also reduces the frequency of false-positives, which reduces the number of patients who are asked to return for a second mammogram for additional testing.


For more information, contact Atrium Health ​Floyd Medical Center ​​The Breast Center at 706-509-6840.

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