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​​About Sleep Disorders Center

The Sleep Disorders Center works with patients and their physicians to analyze and diagnose sleep-related health issues for adult and pediatric patients.

Our Center is accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. It is staffed by a registered polysomnographic technologist and board-certified sleep physicians.  

Services We Offer 

At the Sleep Disorders Center, certified technologists use patient sleep and medical histories along with a comprehensive sleep study to diagnose sleep-related issues. Staff members use video cameras and specialized equipment to assess sleep states and behaviors, such as:

  • Blood oxygen levels
  • Brain activity
  • Breathing patterns
  • Eye movements
  • Heart rate
  • Leg movements
  • Muscle activity

During a sleep study, patients spend the night in a comfortable environment, equipped with Sleep Number mattresses and hotel amenities.

The results are reviewed by a board-certified sleep physician. If it is determined that you have a sleep disorder, we will work with you and your physician to help you get the healthy rest you need.

Contact Us

For more information on services offered by the Sleep Disorders Center, call 706.509.5160.