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 Cherokee Medical Center Installs New CT Scanner
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Cherokee Medical Center Installs New CT Scanner


The addition of a new CT scanner at Cherokee Medical Center will provide another advanced diagnostic tool for patients.

“The Siemens 64 Slice CT Scanner will allow us to introduce new imaging programs for many types of patients – expanding the types of diagnostic imaging available locally," said Aimee Griffin, Director of Imaging Services at Floyd.

Computed tomography scans – also called CAT scans – are used to diagnose many medical conditions. They can create 3D images, which provide radiologists with more information than traditional 2D images or X-rays. Additionally, CT scans allow radiologists to better visualize the soft tissues and major organs in the body. The technology is a key diagnostic tool in detecting stroke damage, kidney stones, lung issues and many gastrointestinal issues. 

“This new scanner is a significant upgrade for Cherokee Medical Center. While our previous CT scanner served us well, this new scanner will allow us to expand the types of diagnostic imaging available locally," Griffin said. “This new scanner will also allow us to achieve excellent image quality, with significantly lower radiation doses. We will also will be able to complete many of the most routine CT scans in about half of the time they previously took."

​Griffin said the new scanner will be up and running by the middle of May.