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Pets Help Improve Mental and Physical Health
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Pets Help Improve Mental and Physical Health

The company of an animal, whether as a pet or service animal, can have a profound impact on a person’s quality of life and the ability to recover from an illness. Of the 84.6 million households in the United States that own a pet:
  • 66% believe their pets relieve depression and anxiety
  • 50% believe their pets relieve stress
Science has shown that pet ownership can help:
  • Improve cardiovascular health and physical activity
  • Decrease blood pressure and stress
  • Reduce loneliness, which decreases the risk of developing many chronic health conditions
Animal companionship helps people with physical and mental health conditions in many ways:
  • Interacting with pets or therapy animals can play a role in reducing anxiety and depression during treatment for people with cancer.
  • Contact with an animal can help people who are critically ill by reducing heart rate and blood pressure, improving mood and reducing stress.
  • For people receiving treatment for mental illness, interacting with an animal reduces anger, depression and anxiety, and improves their ability to socialize.
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