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​​​​​​​Education Classes and Mom Groups

Our experts are here throughout your pregnancy and as you welcome your newborn into your family.  Online and in-person childbirth classes and regularly held mom groups offer the answers you are looking for during each phase of your new parent journey.

From knowing when to come to the hospital to managing the first weeks at home with their newborn, new parents and those seeking a refresher course can feel more comfortable during this life-changing experience.

Childbirth Classes

Becoming a Parent: 6-week Course

This comprehensive childbirth course is designed for the mother and father (or other designated support person). Classes are held in once a week on Monday evenings for six consecutive weeks and cover topics such as:

  • Preparing for labor and birth
  • Breastfeeding
  • Newborn parenting
  • Infant CPR certification
  • Tour of the Family Birth Center

This class is recommended for all mothers, including those who plan a natural birth or those who plan to have epidural anesthesia or other pain medication during labor. The cost of this class is $80. It is covered by Medicaid and reimbursed by some insurance companies.

Becoming a Parent Saturday Express Class: 6-hour class

This class will prepare parents for birth and parenting by giving them an overview of the important topics in just one day, including.

  • Preparing for labor and birth
  • Breastfeeding
  • Newborn care
  • Tour of the Family Birth Center

This class is recommended for mothers who plan to use epidural anesthesia or other pain medications for their delivery. Mothers who are planning a natural birth are encouraged to take the six-week course, if possible. The course does not include infant CPR, but infant CPR may be taken separately at another time. ​

The cost for this class is $65. It is covered by Medicaid and reimbursed by some insurance companies.

Understanding Birth eClass: Online

Our online childbirth class provides the information you need to prepare for your baby's upcoming birth in a format that meets your busy schedule. Online classes allow you the flexibility of taking classes at a time convenient for you. Classes take you through all aspects of childbirth using videos, animations, worksheets, definitions and checklists. You will:

  • Learn about your changing body
  • Recognize the signs of labor
  • Watch real-life birth videos
  • Discover helpful comfort techniques
  • Get an overview of medical procedures​
  • Understand cesarean birth
  • Prepare for your baby's arrival
  • Know w​hat to expect after g​iving birth
  • Learn the benefits of breastfeeding and how to get started  

The cost for this course is $65. It is not covered by Medicaid.​


Breastfeeding Class

Expecting mothers can attend our interactive, two-hour breastfeeding class where our certified lactation consultant will explain breastfeeding basics and what support is available in the hospital and after returning home. Call 706.509.6548 for class dates and to register. ​

Mom Groups

New Mothers Group 

Join other new moms to talk about the joys and difficulties of life with a new baby. We cover topics ranging from sleep and coping with crying to postpartum depression.

The group is led by a certified lactation counselor who can offer breastfeeding information and support for mothers who are nursing. There is no charge to attend, and registration is not necessary.

The group meets every Thursday from 5 - 6:30 p.m. at Childbirth Education and Lactation Services, 1013 North 5th Ave., Suite 7, Rome, GA 30165.

Bumps to Babies

Our experts are here to answer your pregnancy, childbirth or breastfeeding questions. Let us help with in-person support from a certified childbirth educator and certified lactation consultant. 

While at our center, you can shop for Medela breastfeeding supplies including breast pumps, which are now covered by Medicaid and most insurance companies.

Stop by Childbirth Education and Lactation Services on Wednesdays between 10 a.m.  - Noon. We offer free baby weight checks and latch support during this time, too.​

Contact Us

To learn more about childbirth classes and mom groups, call 706.509.6548.