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​​​​​​​​​​Expressive Therapies Focus on Excellent Ca​re

Floyd Behavioral Health's programs use expressive therapy as a key component to the therapeutic process. Encouraging patients to use art, drama, music, poetry and other forms of creative arts and activities to explore feelings helps enhance the traditional model of talk therapy.

Commonly Used Treatment Modalities

Commonly used treatment modalities include:

  • Acting
  • Animal assisted therapy
  • Art
  • Art therapy, such as painting, writing, drawing and expressive therapy
  • Drama
  • Drum therapy
  • Music
  • Pet therapy
  • Play therapy

Rhythmic Therapy Retrains the Brain

Our certified professionals​​ provide this leading-edge modality of care for improved outcomes. There are many studies showing you can actually change how your brain works using rhythm modalities such as drumming. The latest scientific research and outcomes on rhythmic therapy, specifically for Parkinson's disease, is truly amazing. To increase serotonin and dopamine production, which is reduced with Parkinson's disease progression.​

For More Information

For more information about expressive therapy services or other programs available through Floyd Behavioral Health, please call 706.509.3500.