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I've Tried Too Many Diets that Don’t Work -- Help!
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I've Tried Too Many Diets that Don’t Work -- Help!

Searching for the best way to lose weight? Maybe you have tried every popular diet available and each time gained the weight back. Or perhaps you have cut back on calories or carbs drastically and still can’t lose weight. No matter what your dieting dilemma, there are excellent answers for weight loss. Each day scientists are revealing new discoveries on the causes and treatment of obesity. While overeating may have caused you to be overweight, restrictive dieting is not always the answer to weight loss success.

Diets Don’t Work for Permanent Weight Loss

​Each week, there seems to be a newly promoted diet plan on the internet, usually an adaptation of low fat, low calorie, low carb or something else. The problem is that while a strictly followed diet may help you lose some weight, most people regain the weight within a year or two. After all, it’s not easy living off lettuce salads, cabbage soup or pre-packaged meals week after week. Findings show that 95 percent of people who lose weight by dieting will regain it in one to five years. And because strict dieting is usually followed by strict weighing, people who diet are eight times as likely to develop an eating disorder as people who don't. These eating disorders, including anorexia, bulimia or exercise compulsion, are serious and may require medical attention.

How to Lose Weight Forever

The best diet is one that you can stay on for a lifetime and that allows you to be healthy and active. Whether this diet is preceded by bariatric weight loss surgery or not, your “diet for life” must be enjoyable and nutritionally sound. Talk with our nutritionist about your diet needs and learn some innovative, healthy ways to eat that allow you to enjoy your favorite foods and still lose the weight. The time for deprivation dieting is over.
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