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WellNow is a wellness program that offers tips and help on how to Live Well, Eat Well and Move Well​​. The program goes beyond fitness by taking a more holistic approach to help people become renewed, refreshed and refueled at work and in their personal lives. ​​

September 2018

Learn how to improve your slee​p​​ so that you are more rested ​and focused, both at school and at work.

  • Move Well -- ​Sleep and exercise can work together to give you a restful night.
  • Eat Well -- ​Too much caffeine can have a negative affect on the body.
  • Live Well -- Why is sleep important?
 ​​August 2018

Find out how to better manage your anxiety​ and lower your stress level.

Healthgrades 2018

Healthgrades 2018

Our commitment to patient safety has made Floyd the only hospital in Georgia to earn this award 5 years in a row! Learn more
Our 3D Mammogram is Genius™

Our 3D Mammogram is Genius™

The Breast Center’s revolutionary Genius™ 3D mammography takes multiple images, producing a better picture for early detection. Learn more