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The WellNow program offers tips on how to LiveWell, EatWell and MoveWell. The program goes beyond fitness by taking a more holistic approach to help people become renewed, refreshed and refueled at work and in their personal lives​​.

​December 2018

Follow these tips​ to make healthy and positive changes in ​2019. 

  • MoveWell – Make goals and use this basic workout to fit in exercise when you can.  
  • Eat Well –  Use these 10 tips to prepare healthier meals. 
  • LiveWell – Learn how to let go of the things that bother you and how this benefits your health.

November 2018

Learn how to keep your body healthy during the holidays through exercise, making better food choices, being kind to yourself and making memories.​

October 2018 

Stay physically and emotionally healthy with these tips for exercising outside​, eating fresh foods and spending time outside.  

September 2018

Learn how to improve your sleep​​ ​so that you are more rested ​and focused, both at school and at work.

​​August 2018

Find out how to better manage your anxiety​ and lower your stress level.

Healthgrades 2018

Healthgrades 2018

Our commitment to patient safety has made Floyd the only hospital in Georgia to earn this award 5 years in a row! Learn more
Our 3D Mammogram is Genius™

Our 3D Mammogram is Genius™

The Breast Center’s revolutionary Genius™ 3D mammography takes multiple images, producing a better picture for early detection. Learn more