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​​​​​​​​​​​FAQs for Delivering at Floyd

​​​​The expert care team at the Floyd Family Birth Center is here to provide you and your baby a safe environment during your delivery. ​​​

What do I do if I have a scheduled delivery?

If you have a scheduled delivery, go to the designated entrance to the Family Birth Center off Turner McCall Boulevard.

You will be screened at the entrance by a trained health care professional. If you have symptoms of respiratory illness or have traveled to a high-risk area within the past 14 days, you will be redirected to the Emergency Care Center nearby where you will be given a mask to wear and admitted. 

What do I do if I go​ into labor?

Mothers in active labor should go to the designated entrance to the Family Birth Center. Once you arrive, you and the person accompanying you will be screened at the door before you are admitted. You will also be given a mask to protect your health and the health of other Floyd patients, visitors and employees.

​How many visitors can I have in the Labor and Delivery area?

​We understand that visitors are an essential component of your birthing experience. We are working diligently to provide the best possible experience while ensuring that equally essential COVID-Safe Standards are in place. Your understanding and cooperation are appreciated.​

  • Are allowed one designated visitor and a labor coach/doula, age 18 or older, may be with the patient during active labor, but must leave immediately after the baby is born.
  • Both the designated visitor and the labor coach will be screened and provided a mask before being admitted to the facility.
  • The designated visitor and labor coaches/doulas cannot have flu-like symptoms, be COVID-19 positive or suspected of having the COVID-19 infection.
  • Patients delivering by C-section are permitted one designated visitor.
  • Visitors will receive a green armband and must wear the armband to receive access to labor and delivery rooms. 

How many visitors can I have in the postpartum area?

After delivery, patients in a Mother-Baby room may have the following visitors:

  • May have one visitor​
  • A visitor will be ​allowed to stay overnight
  • Patients who have COVID-19, are suspected of having COVID-19 or have flu-like symptoms will not be permitted visitors.

​If your baby requires care in the N​eonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), the following visitation guidelines are in place for this area:

  • Two ​visitors are permitted.
  • Permitted visitors will be issued a mask and a green armband.
  • During visitation, masks and green armbands should be worn for the entirety of the visit.​​

How do you contain infectious diseases within your facility and how do you keep your employees and facilities safe?

We have the facilities, technology and expertise to care for patients with infectious diseases while protecting the health of all other patients, visitors and employees. We also practice safe care​, including the following: ​

  • Handwashing
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Visitor restrictions 

Floyd also has negative pressure isolation rooms that do not share air with other rooms. Our staff participates in drills and training routinely to maintain a state of continual readiness. Our c​aregivers use personal protective equipment when caring for any patient suspected of having an infectious disease.​​

Virtual Visits Available

Virtual Visits Available

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Bringing The Best Together

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