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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Monoclonal Antibody Treatment

We are offering monoclonal antibody (mAb) ​therapy at our three hospital locations to treat COVID​. This one-time infusion treatment has received emergency use authorization (EUA) from the FDA – U.S. Food and Drug Administration. If you get sick with COVID, it can keep you from getting sicker and going to the hospital.​

​Therapy Benefits

In clinical trials, monoclonal antibody therapy is the only treatment that has been shown to keep patients out of the hospital. Unlike other available treatments, monoclonal antibodies work best before patients need oxygen. The main benefit of this therapy is keeping people out of the emergency room, out of the hospital and out of the Intensive Care Unit. When we give it within the first few days of sickness​, we see the benefits.

By giving this medication, we know that we can keep people in their home – which is really important – and help keep them from getting severely ill.

You might be eligible for monoclonal antibody therapy if:

  • You tested positive for COVID-19 within the last 4 days;

  • Your symptoms began in the past 7-10 days, and;

  • You have health conditions that put you at high risk

Talk to your doctor that provided you with a positive COVID-19 result to see if monoclonal antibody therapy is right for you. ​​​



Learn more about monoclonal antibody therapy by reading commonly asked questions about this COVID treatment.



Learn more about monoclonal antibody therapy by reading commonly asked questions about this COVID treatment.

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​Prevention is Still the Best Defense

Monoclonal antibody therapy may help patients who are at high risk for severe illness avoid hospitalization and disease progression. But not getting COVID is even better. The best defense is to get fully vaccinated if you can. Wearing a mask, washing your hands and social distancing will also help keep you safe and prevent the spread of COVID. 

​​​Already Have an Appointment?

  • We are providing treatment at all our hospitals. After scheduling and registration, a link with directions and a map for parking at the correct location will be sent to you via text.


If you have any of the following symptoms​, please seek care at your closest emergency room and do not come for your infusion appointment:

  • Pain or pressure in the chest

  • Feel confused and not able to think clearly

  • Trouble breathing

  • Can't wake up or stay awake

  • Bluish lips or face

  • Swollen lips, face or throat

  • Wheezing (noisy breathing that may sound musical or like whistling)

  • A reading of less than 92% on home oxygen monitor

For Providers: Refer a Patient

Atrium Health Floyd medical staff and all community providers are eligible to refer a patient that is interested in receiving this treatment and meets the criteria. Providers should fax the Eligibility Criteria Screening Form (PDF Download) ​ and positive test result to our Outpatient Infusion Scheduling team at 706.509.5173.​​

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