Sports Medicine Services

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Sports Medicine Services

ACL Risk Assessment and Prevention Program

Much of the research on ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) injuries has been done with female athletes. This is because women are four to six times more likely than men to get a torn ACL.

Research has shown that there is a way to predict the risk of an ACL injury — for both men and women. Studies have demonstrated that having athletes participate in a progressive strengthening program can prevent torn ACLs.

Floyd Physical Therapy & Rehab uses a scientifically proven training approach to predict the risk of a torn ACL, particularly for young female athletes by 35 to 80 percent. This includes:

  • Biomechanical analysis injury risk prediction
  • Video risk assessment
  • Neuromuscular education, speed and agility training, strength training, balance and flexibility
  • Educating athletes on proper mechanics of landing and deceleration

Running Analysis

Athletes can benefit from our running analysis that offers:

  • An analysis of the core strength and flexibility needed to be a successful runner
  • A personal exercise prescription to help eliminate the deficits identified in your analysis that hold you back from peak performance and that can lead to injury
  • Video laser analysis (VLA) from two perspectives, along with objective data to identify any asymmetries that keep you from top performance or that can lead to injury
  • Objective data using the Opto-jump technology to evaluate your running asymmetries and potential problems or inefficiencies that prevent peak performance.

Overhead Throwing Analysis

Experts agree that the reported increases in shoulder and elbow injuries among youth baseball players can be attributed to poor throwing mechanics and overuse. This overuse includes year-round training, pitching too many innings and playing multiple positions.

Floyd Physical Therapy and Rehab can help reduce the risk of injury in both pitchers and throwers with its new Video Throwing Analysis program. In adidtion, we offer the expertise of a physical therapist specially trained in overhead throwing mechanics.


Floyd Physical Therapy and Rehab offers sports medicine services at these convenient locations.

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