Sports Medicine

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Sports Medicine

Our Sports Medicine Program helps keep competitive athletes and weekend warriors healthy both on and off the field. Floyd offers the only program with on-site physical therapy clinics and athletic trainers to help case manage injuries admitted through our Emergency Care Center (ECC).

Our licensed and certified athletic trainers provide quality health care specific to athletes and individuals involved in physical activity throughout Floyd County and Northwest Georgia.

On-Site Athletic Trainers

Our licensed and certified athletic trainers are available to provide on-site assistance during sporting events. In the event of a sports injury, our athletic trainers can provide proper medical attention quickly on the sidelines.

Physical Therapy Mini-Clinic

Our mini-clinic can set up at any location to provide individuals with basic physical therapy, bringing our experts to your school, gym or field ​house.


The Sports Medicine Program offers several services to help athletes and coaches prevent injuries and improve performance. These include the:

Sports Performance Training

We provide athletes and coaches the education and training needed to help prevent injuries. Our performance training clinics are offered throughout the year and are specific to sports movement and conditions.

Sports Track ER

Our Sports Track ER (emergency room) program ensures that every injured athlete who comes to our Emergency Care Center (ECC) is provided a case manager who oversees their care from initial treatment, through rehabilitation, until discharge and continues until optimal strength is reached.



  • E-stim
  • Exercise, balance, strength conditioning
  • Physical therapy
  • Ultrasound


Floyd Physical Therapy and Rehab offers sports medicine services at these convenient locations.

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