Partial Hospitalization Program

Partial Hospitalization Program

‚ÄčThe partial hospitalization program (PHP) at Willowbrooke at Floyd is an intensive counseling program that specializes in helping adults with mental health or substance abuse problems.

The program is designed to serve two types of patients:

  • Those who are making the transition from inpatient care to the community.
  • Those who are already in an outpatient program but need more intensive counseling to keep them from regressing to the point they need to be hospitalized.

Patients in the PHP meet for four treatment hours each day, five days per week for two to six weeks, depending on progress and needs.

The program primary uses group and family therapy, but also includes individual sessions when necessary to meet treatment goals. Treatment is overseen by a psychiatrist who helps in planning an individualized treatment program to meet the needs of each patient.

Transportation and meals are provided to patients in the program.

Intake and Assessment Services

A free and confidential screening is an important first step in determining just what level of care you or your family member need. Each patient will receive three referrals to community services or a Willowbrooke at Floyd program, depending on his or her needs. The goal is to provide the right treatment in the best place and return the patient to a healthy life.


Willowbrooke at Floyd


To schedule a confidential mental health or substance abuse screening, call 706.509.3500 or our 24-hour help line at 1.800.365.3548.