What is palliative care?

Palliative care is a team approach to patient care. It is available to anyone who is seriously ill and whose life is disrupted by symptoms or medical treatments. Palliative care focuses on reducing stress levels, easing symptoms and exploring the best options for care.

What can the palliative care team do for me?

Palliative care team members provide medical, emotional and spiritual support through our nursing staff, social workers and chaplains. We help with symptoms of illnesses, including pain, sleep problems or shortness of breath. Team members lead discussions with patients and family members about ongoing care and provide education about medical treatments and your condition.

In addition, palliative care can also refer patients to outside resources that can help, such as cancer navigators or counselors.

Do I have to be in the hospital to receive palliative care?

Yes. Palliative care services are offered only in the hospital at this time.

How can I request palliative care for myself or a family member?

Anyone can receive palliative care. Contact your nurse to let her know you would like to receive palliative care services. Your nurse will contact the palliative care team and your doctor. You must have a doctor’s order before receiving palliative care services.

Can I still receive life-saving treatment along with palliative care?

Yes, you can receive palliative care while receiving treatments to help cure your illness and that help you live longer, such as radiation, chemotherapy or dialysis. Palliative care is offered in addition to the health care you already receive.

What is the difference between palliative care and hospice?

Palliative care is available at any time a person is seriously sick or injured, or in a crisis medical situation. Hospice services are only available to those who have been given a terminal diagnosis of six months or less to live and who are seeking comfort measures only.

How much does palliative care cost? How can I pay for palliative care?

Most of the palliative care services are available as part of your hospital stay. However, you will be billed separately for provider visits from doctors and nurse practitioners.

Does receiving palliative care mean that I am dying?

No. Receiving palliative care services does not mean that you are dying. Palliative care services are offered to anyone with a serious illness or disease. 


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To schedule a meeting with a member of the palliative care team, call 706.509.5115 or ask your health care provider.

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