Mental Health Services

Mental Health Services

When the problems of everyday life seem overwhelming, the mental health professionals at Willowbrooke at Floyd can help individuals build the self-esteem and confidence they need to live happily and fully.

Psychiatrists, nurses, social workers and therapists work together to provide treatment that addresses a full range of mental health problems, including depression, PTSD, anxiety, ADHD and behavior problems.

Willowbrooke at Floyd offers a safe, comfortable place for healing and treatment to begin. 

Intake and Assessment Services

A free and confidential screening is an important first step in determining just what level of care you or your family member need. Each patient will receive three referrals to community services or a Willowbrooke at Floyd program, depending on his or her needs. The goal is to provide the right treatment in the best place and return the patient to a healthy life.


Willowbrooke at Floyd


To schedule a confidential mental health or substance abuse screening, call 706.509.3500 or our 24-hour help line at 1.800.365.3548.