Hand Therapists

Meet Our Hand Therapists


Andrew Alisago Andrew Alisago, DPT, CHT, received a doctorate of physical therapy from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. He has over 11 years of experience helping patients recover from hand issues and became a certified hand therapist (CHT) in 2015. His areas of specialty are orthopedics, upper extremity and hand therapy. Alisago also has years of experience fabricating static splints.
Carol Richardson Carol Richardson, OTR/L., CHT, is an occupational and hand therapist. She helps patients with issues from the hand to the elbow including congenital injuries, burns, cumulative trauma, tendonitis and fractures. She is an experienced splint maker. Richardson earned her Bachelor of Science degree in occupational therapy from the University of Florida. She is a certified hand therapist, modality certified and certified with the National Board of Certification of Orthopaedic Technologists.