Tests and Treatments

Tests and Treatments


Our specialty team along with Harbin Clinic cardiologists provides testing, treatment and rehabilitation for patients with heart conditions or disease.

Staff members work with each patient to offer quality care. They provide patients with information about their condition, explain treatment options and teach them how to live a healthier lifestyle to help their heart.

Our experienced heart care team is certified and licensed in multiple areas. This allows them to provide the quickest and best care for emergencies — with a four-man team on call 24/7 to restore blood flow to the heart as quickly as possible — as well as routine inpatient and outpatient testing and treatments.


The following tests (diagnostic procedures) are available at Floyd.


The following treatments are available to help patients with their symptoms or disease:


To learn more about the heart (cardiac) services and treatments provided by Floyd, call 706.509.6700 or email us.