Hand Therapy

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Hand Therapy

Hand therapy is available for people who have​ ​​​injuries or ongoing illnesses that affect ​the hands and upper limbs of the body. This can include accidents that involve damage to bones or nerves; diseases such as arthritis; post-surgery rehabilitation; tennis elbow; and more.

Therapy or rehabilitation for the hand is provided by certified hand therapists who receive a high degree of specialized training and advanced certification. The goal of hand therapy is to return people to their activities of daily living as quickly as posible.

Some of the services provided by Floyd hand therapists include:

  • Scar management
  • Custom splint making
  • Preventative, non-operative treatments
  • Management of sudden or ongoing pain
  • Targeted home exercise programs to increase motion, movement and/or strength
  • Teaching patients new ways to perform daily tasks

Acute Conditions

Chronic Conditions

Cumulative Trauma Disorders



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