Breastfeeding Supplies

Breastfeeding Supplies

Breastfeeding mothers can find breast pumps and breastfeeding supplies at our Childbirth, Lactation and Massage Services.


As part of our lactation support, we provide breast pumps for purchase and rent. We offer a variety of Medela products for both mother and baby:  

  • Medela Pump in Style Advanced:
    • Backpack
    • On-the-go Tote
  • Medela breast pump accessories, including shields
  • Medela cleaning wipes
  • Medela Quick Clean Breastmilk Removal Soap
  • Medela Quick Clean Micro-Steam Bags
  • Medela Tender Care Lanolin
  • Medela bottles
  • Bravado nursing bras
  • My Brest Friend nursing pillows
  • Halo SleepSack Swaddle wearable blanket
  • Milkies Milk-Saver

No-Cost or Low-Cost Breast Pumps


Some insurance companies provide breast pumps for new moms at no cost or minimal cost. Most insurance companies require a prescription from an OB/GYN. 


How to Receive Your Pump

  1. Call your insurance company to see if it will cover a breast pump. Ask if the company requires a prescription from your physician. If so, ask your OB/GYN for the breast pump prescription form. 
  2. Bring your prescription, if required, and your insurance card to Childbirth, Lactation and Massage Services to pick up your pump.

Note: Each insurance plan is unique, and your specific benefits and eligibility must be verified. Verification does not guarantee payment by the insurance company.  




Childbirth, Lactation and Massage Services




For questions about breastfeeding supplies we offer, call 706.509.6548 or email us.


To speak with a member of our lactation staff regarding breastfeeding questions or problems, call 706.509.6555 or email us.

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