Breastfeeding Tips

8 Breastfeeding Tips for New Moms

Floyd lactation consultant Sue Lewis shares some tips to make breastfeeding enjoyable.

1. Be patient with yourself and with your baby. Breastfeeding does not always go according to plan in the early days. As long as your baby is gaining weight, be assured that baby is getting what is needed. The first milk is called colostrum. It is small in quantity but mighty in quality. One to two teaspoons of colostrum will fill your baby’s tummy. As the nutritional demands increase, your baby and you will become more comfortable and confident with breastfeeding. 

2. Know your resources and don't be afraid to ask questions. The board-certified lactation consultants at Floyd Medical Center are available to help if you encounter a nursing problem. Call them at 706.509.6555 when you need advice or just have a question. The consultants want your breastfeeding experience to be fulfilling for you and your baby.

3. Attend childbirth or breastfeeding classes. First-time parents are encouraged to attend one of the childbirth classes, which cover breastfeeding, to help prepare for the childbirth experience. New and experienced moms may also choose just to attend a breastfeeding class. Call 706.509.6548 to register. 

4. Schedule an appointment with one of our lactation consultants. If you are concerned that you might not be able to successfully breastfeed, you may meet with with one of the lactation consultants to talk over your concerns. Most challenges can be successfully overcome.

5. Don’t be discouraged by “war stories” told by other mothers. Many mothers have wonderful experience nursing their babies but don’t feel it necessary to share an excess of information. If you hear something that particularly concerns you, call and talk to a certified lactation consultant.

6. Use the "magic hour" to bond and have skin-to-skin contact with your new baby. The first hour after the baby’s birth is called the magic hour. Whether you intend to breastfeed or not, this is a special time for mom and dad to meet and bond with the new arrival. If this is explained to the extended family beforehand, they should be happy to delay their visit until the second hour of the baby’s life. Breastfed babies should be put skin to skin at the mother’s breast and allowed to lick and nuzzle. The baby should not be forced to take the nipple, and the head should not be manipulated in an attempt to nurse. Your baby has had a long, tiring journey and needs nothing but a chance to rest against mom and meet the family. Do not become frustrated if your baby does not immediately take the nipple. Patience is the key to successful nursing.

7. Breastfeed exclusively for the first few days of your baby's life. Many moms plan to do mixed feeding, with nursing and giving formula. Even if that is your plan, our lactation consultants recommend that you exclusively nurse the first few days to establish a good milk supply and to enhance bonding.

8. Enjoy your new baby.

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