Breast Pump Cleaning Tips

Breast Pump Cleaning Tips

Proper care and cleaning of your breast pump can keep both you and your newborn healthy. Floyd Lactation Consultant Sue Lewis offers some tips for keeping your breast pump in the best condition.

  • Read the instruction manual and follow the recommendations for cleaning the equipment.
  • While cleaning the pieces that collect milk, take apart any pieces that separate, and clean them individually.
  • If using an electric pump with a collection kit, the pump itself and any tubing portion of the kit should remain dry, or they will not work properly. These pieces of equipment do not come in contact with the milk that you are pumping. If water does get into the tubing, it can be removed by running the pump for a few minutes without the bottles connected to the tubing.
  • After each use, rinse all parts that come in contact with the breast or milk in cool water first. “A cool rinse removes residual milk without coagulating hard-to-clean protein,” says Lewis. Then, thoroughly clean these same parts in hot, soapy water. Do not use antibacterial dish liquid since this can inactivate the beneficial bacteria in breast milk. Rinse in hot water, and air dry between each use.
  • If water is not available, use breast pump wipes or breast milk soap to clean breast pump parts that come in contact with milk or the breast. Do not use regular baby wipes for cleaning.
  • Check the instruction manual to learn whether a dishwasher set to a certain water temperature is considered appropriate for cleaning the collection pieces that come in contact with the breast or the milk.
  • Some women prefer to sterilize their pump parts in microwave bags used for steaming. Make sure you use only approved bags for sterilizing pump parts, and follow the directions closely.

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