Historical Highlights 1990-2000

Historical Highlights:1990-2000

Floyd  History 1990

1990 - Floyd opened six ambulance stations in Floyd County. Construction included "My House," a five bedroom home for out-of-town families of critically ill patients, and a five-bed inpatient rehabilitation unit.

 History Image 1992

1992 - A free-standing psychiatric hospital and Shorter Medical Arts Center opened. The Emergency Care Center and maternity department expanded, doubling their sizes. Floyd began offering hospice services to the community.

Floyd  History 1993

1993 - A new mammography suite opened, and a new chest pain program was added to the Emergency Care Center.

Floyd  History 1994

1994 - The Centrex Primary Care Network was established with 26 physicians in 15 Primary Care practices. Urgent Care & Occupational Medicine opened in Rome.

Floyd  History 1998

1998 - The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit was expanded to 4,000 square feet. Floyd opened the first Congestive Heart Failure Clinic in Rome.

Floyd  History 1999

1999 - Floyd introduced the first formal Bicycle Paramedic Team. Floyd's rehabilitation services introduced three new specialized programs: Osteoporosis Clinic, Aqua Therapy and Vestibular Rehabilitation. Floyd opened the first public information center, The Community Health Resource Center at Mount Berry Square mall.

Floyd  History 2000

2000 - The Specialty Hospital, a separate entity, opened on the fourth floor of Floyd Medical Center. The Community Health Resource Center opened at Mount Berry Square. Our imaging center installed the new GE Lightspeed CT scanner